8FR Reversible Bottom Board

This 8 frame reversible beehive bottom board is made with premium Eastern Pine, featuring rabbeted cross pieces that keep moisture out.

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  • 25.49 USD
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The bottom board serves as the foundation and entrance to the hive. Our two-sided, reversible beehive bottom board has a 1/8" entrance on one side and a 3/4" entrance on the other. Why the two different-sized sides? The 3/4" size is standard height to use with a wooden entrance reducer (and the extra 1/2" below allows for air flow). You can turn it over to use the 1/2" opening as a smaller opening. This is just if you want a smaller opening - there's no other great benefit.

Comes fully assembled: screwed not nailed.

Includes wooden entrance reducer for winter use or new hives.


  • Remember to clean out your bottom board in the spring. Debris builds up during the winter and can be easily removed with a hive tool.
  • Place your hive as level as possible but with a slight tilt forward, so the front of the bottom board is 3/8" lower than the back. This will prevent water from pooling in the back of the hive.
  • When painting the beehive bottom board, remember to paint the "landing zone" that is exposed to outside elements.


  • 22" long x 13-3/4" wide x 2" high (8 frame)