Beginner Kit: 8 FR Assem

Our 8 frame assembled beginners beehive kit has all the necessities from top to bottom.

Besides the options to the right, each kit includes:
  • Wood and Metal Outer Cover
    • Deep Rim Inner Cover
    • BeeMax® Hivetop Feeder
    • Stainless Steel Smoker with Heat Shield
    • Standard 10" Hive Tool
    • Wooden Entrance Reducer

    • Item Code: BK8A
    • 339.95 USDPrice: $339.95

    Choose Your Options:


    Wood Grade: Mediums & Deeps (Required)
    Medium Frames (Required)
    Queen Excluder (Required)
    Book (Required)
    Deep Frames (Required)
    Bottom Board (Required)
    Glove Style & Size (Required)
    Helmet & Veil (Required)


    This beehive kit has everything (except the bees) to get you started on your beekeeping adventures. We've added a Varroa screen for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and a 3 gallon hive top feeder.

    When choosing plastic frames or plastic foundation, we highly recommend applying additional beeswax to the foundations. This increases the acceptance of the frames by the bees and entices them to draw them out faster. Assembled frames with additional wax already applied are available for purchase or you can buy beeswax and paint it on yourself (melt it in a double boiler and use a foam paintbrush).

    Learn more about your options for this kit.

    The Beginner Kit Includes:

    • Telescoping Outer Cover
    • Wooden Inner Cover
    • BeeMax® Hivetop Feeder
    • 2 Medium Supers*
    • 16 Medium Frames*
    • 2 Deep Hive Bodies*
    • 16 Deep Frames*
    • Reversible Bottom Board*
    • Varroa Monitoring Equipment*
    • Hive Tool
    • Stainless Steel Smoker with Heat Shield
    • Beginning Beekeeping Book*
    • Leather Gloves*
    • Veil and Helmet*
    • Queen Excluder*

    * Denotes a kit component with options.