8 Frame Standard Inner Cover

Provide your bees with better insulation and ventilation and allow moisture to escape the beehive with this standard 8 Frame inner cover.

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  • 16.99 USD
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An inner cover allows moisture to escape, fresh air to circulate throughout the hive, plus an upper exit/entrance when properly used with an outer cover. Put the inner cover on with the notch at the front. Be sure the outer cover is pushed forward so its overhang does not rest tightly against the hive and inner cover. This allows bees and air to exit the notch in the inner cover. In fall and winter put the inner cover on so that its deeper side is downward. The notch also will be downward. In spring and summer, flip the cover over so the shallow side is downward, notch up. This will prevent bees from building comb just under the inner cover, but air and bees can still exit at the notch. Made from durable double-tempered masonite with a white pine rim.


  • 13-3/4" wide x 19-7/8" long (8 frame)