P-K 10 Frame Queen Excluder

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Use this 10 frame metal queen excluder with solid, riveted edges to keep the queen out of your honey supers! Made by the Pietrzak-Kubiak, the makers of our in-hive queen isolation and introduction cages, these excluders are wide enough to let worker bees through, but too narrow for the queen to pass.

Why you should choose a Pietrzak-Kubiak queen excluder:

  • Durable: Features 7 spacers made of heavy-duty, strong wire that causes the excluder to stay flat and rigid
  • Strong: High-strength (ca 900 N/mm2) wire with consistent, even spacing between wires
  • Highest quality metal: Made of top-tier European galvanized metal
  • Stands the test of time: The metal perimeter is riveted, meaning there are no welding points that could break or corrode
  • Safer for bees: The round wires make moving through safer and friendlier for the bees


  • 19-7/8" long x 16-1/4" wide x 3/16" tall (10 frame)

Hint: If you are concerned that your excluder will slow your bees down when storing nectar in the supers, just turn it sideways. The bees can go around the edges, but the queen USUALLY stays in the middle of the hive and is excluded. Once you are confident your supers are drawing enough workers, you can turn the excluder to its traditional placement, but remember to check for your queen up in the supers!