Honey & Beeswax Soaps

Betterbee offers a variety of great soaps made with honey-scented beeswax for your home, sales table, or to give as gifts.

All Natural Country Honey Soaps have a strong aroma of honey and spices. These can be purchased with or without the labels listing all the natural ingredients and other useful information. The labels are designed so that you can add your own business name, if you would like. You will find that our All Natural Country Honey Soap is a big seller alongside honey. 

Our Natural Swiss Honey Soaps come in four distinct scents and colors: Goat's Milk, Royal Jelly, Honey, and Calendula. They can be purchased individually or in boxes of two. Our Goat's Milk Soap also comes in a Mini Bar Gift Box, which includes 8 mini bars.

Whether you choose our Natural Country Honey Soaps, or our Natural Swiss Honey Soaps, you will find that our honey and beeswax soaps are the finest quality available anywhere.

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