Hivegate Adapter Plate

  • 9.95 USD$9.95

This HiveGate™ adapter plate blocks the hive entrance with an opening for the HiveGate entrance (sold separately). It is reversible so that two HiveGates can be used at once. The adapter is secured to the box above the entrance and is 12-5/16" wide, which fits many 8-frame bottom boards.


  • A modified entrance reducer or block of wood can be used to block any gaps for wider bottom boards, such as 10 frame bottom boards.
  • The Adapter Plate is optional. You may decide to use the Adapter Plate or opt for an alternative way to fit the HiveGate™. Bee-IQ's instructions for fitting the HiveGate™ to different hive bases can be found here

    Product Specifications:

    • Height: 2-3/4"
    • Width: 12-5/16"
    • Tab height: 3/8"
    • Weight: 5 oz