Apiguard 6.6 Pound Pail

Apiguard is an EPA-approved treatment for varroa mites formulated with thymol, a safe and easy-to-use alternative to harsh chemicals.

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Varroa mites (external parasite) are a destructive pest that has no place in your hive. Kick them out with Apigaurd, a thymol-based miticide suitable for natural use. The 6.6 lb pail will treat 30 hives. Includes pads and syringe. Need a smaller quantity? Apiguard is also available as a 10 pack (5 hives)


  • Apiguard should be used between 60-100 degrees, and the warmer it is, the better it will work
  • Thymol vapers are heavier than air so make sure all entrances are fully open to allow sufficient airflow during treatment
  • Use a shim or an empty super to make sure the bees can access the gel
  • Chemical resistant gloves, such as our resusable nitrile gloves, are required for handling
  • This product is not approved for use with honey supers/during a honey flow
  • Treatment is not recommended unless you know that your varroa mite count is in excess of the treatment threshold
  • For information on checking for mites, see Randy Oliver's website, www.scientificbeekeeping.com, for mite sampling methods and thresholds.
  • Please follow all instructions provided. Product is nonreturnable

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