5 Frame Pine Entrance Reducer

Help your bees defend their entrance!

  • Item Code: ER5
  • 2.15 USD$2.15

Bees are constantly on guard from robber bees (bees from other colonies trying to steal honey), and other insects who try to enter the hive. Help your bees guard, by reducing the entrance, and thus making there be less room for them to protect.

Made out of beautiful eastern white pine, our 5 frame entrance reducer is great for year round use and features a small cut for starting hives, and a larger cut for when the hive gets stronger. Works with our 5 frame nucs , and varroa screens.


  • If you notice bearding (bees accumulating at the front of the hive) your hive is becoming stronger and it is time to switch your entrance reducer to the larger opening, or remove the reducer all together. If there is not adequate room to enter the hive, there is a risk the hive will swarm.

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