2022 Betterbee Catalog

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Betterbee's 2022 catalog features 172 pages chock full of 2000+ products with comprehensive descriptions and crisp, full color images. Flip through to view our innovative new products as well as our "tried and true" products that we've offered for years.

This year, we are happy to offer our central Beekeeping Guide in a way that can be removed in one fell sswoop and carried out to the bee yard, or to discuss with beekeeping family and friends. We pride ourselves on being an educational resource and hope that this information helps you become an even better beekeeper! The Guide features information on how to do a hive inspection, what you should expect to see on a frame, how to monitor for Varroa destructor mites, seasonal management tips, DIY wax and lotion recipes and techniques, and much more!

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