Lyson Honey Pump 370W 230V

Do not run pump dry as damage to impeller will occur. Lubricate with honey or food grade lubricant before starting motor.
  • Item Code: LYHPW2021GNF230
  • 1625 USD$1,625.00

This is the 230 volt version of this pump; see item LYHPW2021GNF for 120 volt version.

A 370 Watt motor powers this Lyson honey pump. Most often used to pump honey from a clarifying tank to bottling tanks during extraction, but can be used for any task requiring honey to move from one place to another. Has the capacity to pump up to 240 gallons per hour with a variable speed inverter controlled motor, and can also be reversed. 250V 20 Amp outlet required. Note: Hose not included; requires 1.5" or 40mm ID hose.

Note: this pump can be used with a float switch if desired, not included. Just connect a single pole float switch to the controller, and it turn on and off according that switch.