Hogg Halfcomb Kit

The Hogg Halfcomb honeycomb kit is ready to go atop your strong colony to produce comb honey!

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If you have at least a few seasons of beekeeping under your belt and are interested in producing a sought-after product without the mess of extraction, comb honey production may be for you.

The Hogg Halfcomb honeycomb kit incorporates 40 cassettes in 10 frame or 32 cassettes in 8 frame into a 4.75" comb honey super. The bottoms of each tray are coated with pure beeswax cappings and are readily accepted by bees. When sections are full they are removed as a unit from the super, separated into individual trays and covers are placed on the combs. Each cassette typically yields a 10-12 ounce sections. Simply add a label and have a product which displays the comb very nicely from all angles and sells for a premium. This kit comes fully assembled and ready to place of your hive.

Kit Includes:

  • 4-3/4" Hogg Halfcomb Super with follower boards
  • 5 Super Springs
  • Hogg Superpack (40 cassettes using 10 frame, or 32 cassettes in a 8 frame)
  • Covers for the completed cassettes (40 covers using 10 frame, or 32 covers in a 8 frame)

Note: Labels are not included in the Super Kit.

We carry three ways to produce comb honey: the Ross Round System, the Hogg Halfcomb System and the cut comb method.

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