Small Jar Feeder

Please note: Jar and lid not included.
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Our jar feeder sits over the inner cover hole to provide feed right above the cluster. The feeder opening fits a regular mouth mason jar lid (7 cm).

When used in an 8 or 10 frame hive, you can fit four or more feeders close to the inner cover hole, feeding more at once. Fits inside a double nuc super and 4-way queen mating nucs.


  • 5-3/4" x 5-3/4" x 13/16" high
  • Feeder hole fits regular mouth mason jar lid (7cm)
  • Lid and jar sold separately

Use with our boardman feeder cap found here

Plastic jars can be found here.

Glass jars can be found here.

Sugar syrup is an excellent supplemental feed, especially for newly established hives!

Pick up syrup so you are ready to go

How to Feed Sugar Syrup:

Spring Feeding: Create a 1:1 syrup using 1 lb. sugar to 1lb. water (2 cups).

Fall Feeding: Make a 2:1 syrup using 2 lb. sugar per 1 lb. of water (2 cups).

Feeding Notes:

  • When making syrup, water must be very hot (not boiling) to dissolve sugar
  • Do not feed sugar syrup during cold weather when bees are not able to take cleansing flights
  • Do not feed sugar syrup until it is warm enough for bees to fly regularly. If the weather is still too cold, feed winter patties. Pollen patties are used to stimulate build-up of hives in anticipation of the spring flow, but don’t feed them too early because pollen supplements will cause rapid expansion, and there may not be enough bees to keep the brood warm.

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