Feeder Plug and Screen

Insert this screen plug into the lid of a bucket to create your own DIY feeder pail.

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Ready to make your own feeder pail? Our screened feeder plug with a built in screen, allows you to take a one gallon, or two gallon pail, and convert it into a feeder by cutting a 2 inch diameter hole in the lid, and perfectly placing the plug inside.

Hint: test drill a hole and verify proper fit before drilling multiple pails. Some hole saws will wobble and produce a hole larger that desired. The proper size hole is 2", but this may require using a smaller hole saw.

Pickup our plastic plug for when you need to seal off your feeder to prevent bees from feeding, and to keep contaminants out.


Product Specifications:

  • Mesh size: 40 wires per inch (381 micron openings, approximately)
  • Narrow end outside diameter: about 1.94" (~1-15/16")
  • Wide end outside diameter, below flange: about 2.05" (~2-1/16")
  • Flange Diameter: about 2-3/8"
  • Overall height: 3/4"

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