Extracting Kit

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Extracting Kit

The BetterBee Extracting Kit includes all you need to get started extracting and bottling honey. Use the uncapping knife to remove most of the cappings on the frame while it sits on the Bee Smart Uncapper, and then use the uncapping fork to remove the ones missed by the knife. Get a workout spinning the frames in our new Lyson 4 frame stainless steel extractor with legs, and then empty it through the stainless sieve into the bottling tank.

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Kit includes:
Lyson 2019N 4 frame extractor with legs
Bee Smart Uncapper
Plastic Uncapping Fork
Cold Uncapping Knife
Stainless Double Sieve
6 gallon pail with honey gate and lid

Please note that the color of the handle for the uncapping knife may vary.