Extracting Kit

Extract and bottle your honey using this complete uncapping and extracting kit.

Uncap, extract, filter, and bottle!
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This cost effective kit takes you from zilch to everything needed for complete processing of your honey. All that’s needed is honey bottles!

Set frames on the Bee Smart Uncapper and uncap them with the knife and forks. Spin the frames in the Lyson 2019N 4 frame tangential extractor and then drain your honey through your choice of plastic or stainless sieve.

Kit includes:


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  • The color of the handle for the uncapping knife may vary
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  • This kit includes a tangential extractor. With this type of extractor, frames are parallel with the center of the basket and only the comb facing outward is extracted. Frames must be flipped multiple times to extract both sides and to prevent blowouts where the comb breaks due to the weight of the honey.

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Information on the extractor:

This beginner friendly honey extractor features a side mounted handle providing greater comfort than other hand crank extractors without sacrificing efficiency. Made of a durable build, this machine can last for many seasons and works best for beekeepers with a few hives.

A unique cast steel worm gear drive allows the basket to freewheel without the handle spinning. A brake is applied by gentle backwards pressure on the crank (similar to a cruiser bicycle).


  • Drum with basket
  • Clear acrylic cover
  • Steel legs

Notes on Materials and Use:

  • The drum with basket is constructed of polished 25 gauge stainless steel
  • A rectangular stainless steel wire basket holds two or four frames
  • Honey is poured through a 1-1/4" stainless gate valve with O-ring seal


  • 16" Diameter; 29" Tall (without legs)
  • This extractor can hold 2 deep Langstroth frames (9-1/8"), 4 medium Langstroth frames (6- 1/4"), or 4 shallow Langstroth frames (5-3/8").

Includes a 24 month warranty