Electric Fence Complete Kit

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You asked for it and we listened. This complete electric fence kit comes with just about everything you need to surround your flying friends with a protective electric fence. In many areas both urban and rural, bears are a major problems for beekeepers. A good electric fence is needed to keep them at bay. This kit includes easy to use Kencove electric netting with integrated poles, a fencer, and the necessary grounding rods. Not included: a pole or wall to mount your fencer on, or a deep cycle battery to power the fencer (if you choose a fencer which requires it). Please read about the various products included in this kit before purchasing and see the related items below this description.

Fence: choose from 50, 82, or 164 feet lenghths. At 40 inches tall the fence netting will keep our small predators such as skunks as well as larger ones such as bears. Fiberglass posts are built into the fence so no additional poles are required in most cases. Choose a fence length that will surround your bee yard with ample room to walk around and work around the hives. We recommend at least 4 feet between the fence line and your hives.

Fence Energizer (Fencer): Choose between a 120 V plug in fencer (which can also be powered by a 12 V source, if desired), a solar/battery powered fencer, and a 12V battery powered fencer. Here are some pros and cons of each model.

Fencer Energy Advantages Disadvantages
Kencove Dual Purpose Energizer EFE1 1 Joule Powerful, Runs on 120V AC or 12V DC Requires external battery if not plugged into 120V AC (not included)
Kencove Strip Grazer EFE35 0.35 Joule Low Cost, Compact, Can run on D-cell or deep cycle battery, Can mount on metal pole Less powerful, requires battery (not included)
Kencove 12V Solar Energizer EFS5 0.5 Joule Requires no external battery or power source (perfect for remote yards), Decent power, easy to set up Cost

If you choose a fencer that requires a 12 V power source, we recommend purchasing a deep cycle (marine) battery from your auto parts store and placing it inside a nuc or battery box. This battery is not included.

Grounding: Choose between 1, 2, and 3 grounding rods, 3 feet long. Good electric fence performance requires good grounding. Dry or frozen soil requires more ground rods while consistently damp soil requires fewer. If your soil is extremely rocky and you are unable to pound the ground rods in the full three feet, buy additional ground rods and pound each one as deep as possible. A rough rule of thumb is that you should have at least 3 feet of ground rod per Joule of energy in your energizer. Each rod in this kit includes a ground rod clamp (item EFGC), and a piece of wire is included to connect the rod(s) to your fencer.