Decorative Molds

Our candle molds from Lyson are made of soft silicone, allowing for greater detail and easy removal perfect for creating stunning, artistic beeswax candles!


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Lyson's top-quality candle molds allow for intricate details to be perfectly captured when making beeswax candles, and the silicone material is designed for easy removal—without damaging and of the candle's delicate features. These production-grade silicone and polyurethane candle molds are built to last through hundreds of pours with proper care; always remove candles slowly from polyurethane and silicone molds to avoid damaging delicate candle or mold parts. Betterbee offers a wide variety of Lyson molds and candle-making supplies, so you can create everything from classic tapers and elegant pillars to charming votives and tea lights that burn evenly with little wasted wax — all crafted from beautiful, lightly scented beeswax.


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