Decorated Candle Mold

Create decorative custom candles that provide a dainty carved-floral look using this silicone mold from Lyson.

  • Item Code: F162
  • 36.95 USD$36.95

Immerse yourself in your very own floral garden. Made of silicone, this Lyson mold is softer than our polyurethane molds and offers easy candle removal.

This mold has a unique cut down the side which makes wicking quick and easy and eliminates the need for a wicking needle.


  • Finished Candle Height: 3.74"


  • For molds with more details and irregular shapes, Lyson cuts the side of the mold and halfway across the bottom creating a matching seam. The candle is easier to remove and no wicking needle is needed but additional support (rubber bands) will be needed during pouring. The candle maker can cut any silicone Lyson mold with a sharp knife if desired.
  • Read our Lyson Candle Mold Instruction Sheet
  • Use #2 wicking with this mold
  • Uses 5.5 oz. of wax
  • Pick up some wax to kick start your candle making

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