Candle Molds

Craft beeswax candles to keep, gift, or sell with our durable molds that let you pour your own beeswax candles that look like works of art.


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Our collection of candle molds includes options for crafting beeswax tapers, pillars, novelty shapes, votives, and tealights that burn evenly with little wasted wax. With classic, decorative, or festive molds available, you can pour your own candles for any occasion. Choose your preferred candle mold material: Lyson candle molds are made of soft silicone, allowing for greater detail and easy removal, while production-grade candle molds are durable enough for hundreds of pours. Our DIY candlemaking tools and supplies provide everything you need to get started or expand your candle crafting capacity.

Note: Always remove candles slowly from polyurethane and silicone molds to avoid damaging delicate parts.


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