Candle Molds

Betterbee offers a wide variety of beeswax candle molds to form lovely beeswax candles for your home or for your sales table.

Our Lyson Candle Molds are made of a soft silicone, allowing for greater detail and easy removal. Our polyurethane, production-grade molds are durable enough that you will get hundreds of pours out of each mold, if handled carefully. Be sure to remove the candles slowly from our beeswax candle molds, to avoid damaging delicate parts. The beeswax candles you will produce are like works of art; many people at the market ask, “Did you carve them?”

We also have an assortment of beeswax candle molds to make tapers, votives, and tealights. These molds produce beeswax candles that burn evenly with little waste wax.

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