Candle Base Formers

Add a professional finish to your beeswax taper candles with a smooth or fluted base former.

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It’s that extra touch of professionalism that sets you apart and with our candle base formers it couldn’t be easier to step up your candles, making them worthy of any storefront.

Choose between our smooth based former which creates a hand dipped look, or our fluted base which aids in getting a snug fit in a candle holder.

Dimensions: the smooth base former rounds off the base of your candle, necking the diameter from about 0.8" down to 0.7" before the rounding off at the bottom at a depth of 1.25". The fluted base former produces a zig-zag fluted pattern that starts at about 0.95" diameter which tapers to 0.7" at the dept of 1".

How simple is it?

Very, just place the candle base former on a hot plate and allow it to heat thoroughly. Insert the base of your finished candle into the base former. Remember to place a small plate underneath the run-off tube to collect the excess wax! Remove the candle and allow it to cool.

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