Stainless Double Sieve

This stainless steel honey sieve ensures that you’re bottling a smoother product containing less pollen and wax.

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Made of solid, stainless steel so rusting out should not be a problem. Fits over a 5 or 6 gallon pail. The mesh size for the upper sieve is coarse (1.4 mm), and lower sieve is about 25 mesh or 0.7mm (700 microns). We find this level of coarse filtration is perfect for honey. Most wax pieces and bee parts are captured, but pollen passes through easily.

Sieve Dimensions:

  • Coarse: 256 openings/square inch
  • Fine: 1024 openings/square inch

Hint: place this double sieve below your extractor's gate during extraction and filter the honey as it comes out. Keep two sieves on hand, and switch them out frequently to clean. Then let your honey settle before bottling.

Note: Fits 60 lb. and 72 lb. tanks ONLY