10 Frame Wooden Hive Kits

Betterbee offers an array of 10 frame wooden bee hive kits and equipment; the industry standard for over 100 years and the most common hive size in the U.S.


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10 frame hives offer the perfect balance of size and manageability, making them ideal for beekeepers of all experience levels, and with readily available replacement parts and resources, 10 frame hives are a practical option. As your colony thrives, you can easily expand with additional hive components to provide plenty of space for bees, honey, and brood.

Start by choosing the hive kit to suit your needs:

  • A beginner kit comes with a hive, book, bee smoker, hive tool, and basic protective clothing, including a veil and gloves
  • An essentials kit comes with bee hive equipment for the brood nest
  • An increase kit contains hive equipment and works well for beekeepers who want to add another hive, but already have basic equipment such as clothing and a smoker
  • A supering kit is ideal when adding medium honey supers to an essentials kit or an established hive: After a year or two of creating (or "drawing out") honey comb, a strong hive might need four medium supers going forward.

Simply select the kit type, choose between either assembled or unassembled components, and customize kits that include protective gear by choosing your glove and jacket size—and that's all there is to it! Each beekeeping kit option includes a list of included components to help you choose the perfect kit to suit your needs and expertise.


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