10 Frame Wooden Hive Kits

Betterbee offers an array of 10 frame wooden bee hive kits and equipment. Ten frame wooden bee hive equipment has been the industry standard for over 100 years and is the most commonly used hive size in the U.S. Ten frame equipment has more space for bees, honey, and brood—a comparable 8 frame hive is taller and uses more boxes than 10 frame bee hives.

How do you choose the right hive kit? A beginner kit comes with a hive, a book, a bee smoker, a hive tool, and basic protective clothing, like a veil and gloves. An essentials kit comes with bee hive equipment for the brood nest. An increase kit contains hive equipment and works well for beekeepers who want to add another hive, but already have basic equipment such as clothing and a smoker. Choose a supering kit when adding medium honey supers to an essentials kit or an established hive. After a year or two of creating (or "drawing out") honey comb, a strong hive might need four medium supers going forward.

We recommend our assembled or unassembled Preferred Beginner Kits for those new to beekeeping—choose your glove and jacket size and you're ready to go! Learn more about 10 frame bee hive kit options as you browse: Click on the ""more info"" button on each item page for expanded information, and learn more about each hive kit with our beekeeping kit options guide.

*Substitutions for components of kits are welcome! Choose your items and give us a call if you don't see what you'd like online and we can create a custom kit for you.

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