Medium Super 8FR Unassembled

Customize 8 frame unassembled medium honey supers by choosing your preferred wood grade.

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Medium honey supers traditionally serve as the place where honey is stored, but can also be used as brood boxes.


  • Made of high-quality 3/4" Eastern White Pine
  • Your choice: Commercial or select grade wood
  • Box jointed for a tight fit
  • Note: May not have holes drilled for starting nails


  • Fits 8 medium frames which are 6-1/4 inches tall
  • Three mediums roughly equal two deeps, so some use three mediums as brood boxes
  • Nails not included
  • This medium super is unassembled. Rather we assemble for you? Shop our assembled 8 frame medium super
  • When filled with honey, our 8 frame medium supers can weigh 45-50 pounds!
  • Dimensions:

    19-7/8" L x 13-3/4" W x 6-5/8" H

    Select Grade Wood vs. Commercial Grade Wood:

    This refers to the grade of wood used to make your woodenware. You have a choice of Select (possessing only the occasional small knot) and Commercial (which will possess a greater number of solid knots). If you are painting your woodenware, Commercial grade is the typical choice. If you are varnishing your wood, Select is a great option.

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