Mini Api Mating Nuc (Green)

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This mini nucleus hive made of foamed polypropylene is the perfect solution for housing a queen bee together with a small number of bees until she mates. In our testing, we were very impressed by the quality of this nuc and the ease of use. Expect to get many years of service out of these, and even more happy healthy queens.


  • 100% recyclable EPP hive
  • Waterproof, fire resistant, high durability, and excellent thermal properties
  • 3-frames (included; supply your own foundation starter strips or foundation
  • Built-in feeder
  • Entrance queen excluder
  • Ventilated door
  • Clear inner cover with hole for queen cell
  • Dimensions: 9-9/16" long x 5-7/8" wide x 6-7/8" tall