Fumidil-B 25 Gram Fumagillin

Treatment and prevention for Nosema apis.

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Nosema apis is a single-celled fungal parasite that is most noticed in spring, and has a range of effects including dysentery, disjointed wings (causing flightless bees), missing sting reflexes, and early replacement of queens. Fumidil-B is a highly-effective powder that is added to the bee's food source to target the disease which lives in the gut of the bees.

How to use: For best results, heat water almost to boiling, remove from heat, then add the Fumidil-B followed by the sugar, in that order. Feed the prepared syrup within 24 hours. Read bottle for specific water/sugar/Fumidil-B ratios in different seasons. 25 grams treats about 5 gallons of syrup, which is enough to treat two two-deep hives in the fall, or five 2-deep hives in spring.

Read in-depth directions and product use at the following link: Instructions and Use

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