Varroa Screen & Tray Combo

Use this varroa screen and tray combo to monitor varroa levels.

Please Note: The photo above shows the optional plastic rims available for purchase.
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Plastic Rims

Purchase the varroa screen and tray together and save!

Our varroa screen is placed on top of a regular bottom board. A certain percentage of varroa mites will accidentally fall off bees or out of the hive when transferring from bee to bee. With just a bottom board in place, the fallen mites will hitch a ride on a bee entering the hive. When a varroa screen is on the hive, the mites will fall through the screen and onto the bottom board. The front entrance to the bottom board is closed off forcing the bees to enter above the screen keeping mites trapped on the bottom board. Researchers indicate that mite fall may be as high as 30%. For more information view our instruction sheet here.

Plastic rims can be added to varroa screens to support varroa trays when used on hive stands without a solid bottom.

Note: Reversible Bottom Board is sold separately

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