HopGuard III, 12 Treatments

A natural varroa mite buster!

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Varroa Destructor Mites (an external parasite) weaken honey bees and can lead to the demise of your hive if left untreated. HopGuard III, a strip form of pesticide, fosters the natural power of hop plants, using an extract with hop beta acids to repel mites. Two strips are applied per brood chamber for 30 days then removed.

Optimal results are achieved by applying HopGuard III when little or no brood is present in the hive. Detailed instructions and precautionary information included.


  • Includes 24 cardboard strips
  • Can be used with honey supers on, but it is not recommended to harvest honey or wax from brood chambers
  • HopGuard III can be applied up to four times per year
  • There is no temperature restriction on the use of HopGuard
  • Safe and natural. In fact, the hop acids used in HopGuard are the same ones used to flavor beer.
  • Looking for a smaller quantity? We also sell a 5 Treatments Pack
  • This product is non-returnable

What are Varroa Mites?

Varroa mites are external parasites that transmit viruses to honey bees which ultimately weakens them. Mites reproduce under the brood cap (cell which contains baby bees) and feed on the developing bee. When the new bee emerges from its cell, more mites emerge with it, and transfer to other brood cells. Due to the exponential nature of Varroa reproduction, colony infestation levels can quickly get out of control. Viruses accumulate in the colony, and higher Varroa levels further weaken the bees, rendering them unable to survive.

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