6/5 Marked Carniolan Queen

Note: A queen and a few attendants cannot start a new colony by themselves. To start a new hive, you must have many more bees, i.e. a nucleus, a package, or a split.
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Marked New World Carniolan Queen from Strachan Apiary.


These queens will be delivered or available for pick-up Wednesday, June 5th. They will ship from our facility in Greenwich, NY Tuesday, June 4th. The mark color for 2019 is green. Extremely warm weather may delay shipment, in which case we will contact you.


Please note there are two shipment methods to select from. Ground shipment is typically one day to New England and surrounding areas and offers delivery Tuesday through Saturday. Price for ground shipment is $22 for up to 20 queens. We suggest overnight shipping if you want guaranteed overnight shipping or are not in New England, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware or eastern Pennsylvania. The overnight option offers overnight shipping of queens to the entire US and offers delivery Tuesday through Friday. Price is $33.00 for up to 20 queens.


Cancelation/Replacement Policy:
There are NO REFUNDS on queen order cancellations.
Queen acceptance depends on several factors beyond our control and for this reason we are only able to offer replacement if the queen arrives dead or if she is a drone layer.


About Carniolan Queens:

The Carniolan honey bee, Apis mellifera carnica, is one of the two subspecies of the Western honeybee commonly used in American beekeeping. The other subspecies is the Italian bee. Carniolan bees originated in Carniola (which is part of Slovenia) and surrounding regions. They are known for their gentle disposition, resistance to mite infection and their ability to rapidly control hive populations in response to nectar flows. Brood production increases rapidly in the spring in response to nectar flow. The brood production decreases rapidly at the end of the honey flow. These bees typically are very frugal with winter stores, successfully over wintering with lower honey consumption than Italian bees.


Factors Important for Queen Introduction:

  • Know the queen status of the hive. Hives with virgins or queen cells will often kill introduced queens.
  • Place the queen cage between frames, preferably between frames containing brood.
  • Hives that have been queenless for several weeks may develop laying workers. Consider adding a frame of young brood 1 or 2 days prior to queen introduction.
  • Check carefully for queen cells and remove at the time of introduction.
  • Push-in cages are one method that works very well for introducing queens.


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