8 Frame Wooden

These 8 frame wooden bee hive components are increasing in popularity—the equipment is easier to handle, and, when full, weighs approximately 20 percent less than 10 frame woodenware. Some beekeepers feel that a brood overwinters better in a taller 8 frame bee hive because the cluster can move up through honey stores more readily. Our 8 frame hive boxes come either assembled or unassembled: Assembled bee hive equipment saves time and comes ready to paint, while unassembled equipment is cost-efficient, but requires nails or hardware for assembly.

We offer a wide range of bee hive components and equipment, including covers, stands, and screens. As you scroll through the items below, consider these definitions for common beekeeping terminology:

  • Deep Hive Bodies (or Brood Boxes) are where the brood is raised—usually the first two boxes of the hive. They are deeper (taller) than honey supers, thus the name deeps." Note: Using three "mediums is a lightweight alternative to using two deep hive bodies.
  • Mediums (or Honey Supers) are placed on top of the brood boxes and where honey is stored. When filled with honey, 8 frame medium supers can weigh up to 50 pounds.
  • Shallows are used to store honey or for making comb honey. An 8 frame shallow super weighs up to 35 pounds when filled with honey.
  • Select or Commercial Grade refers to the grade of wood used to make your woodenware. You have a choice of Select, which possesses only an occasional small knot and is ideal for varnishing, or Commercial, which possess a greater number of solid knots and is often preferred by beekeepers who paint their woodenware.
  • 3/4" or 7/8" Wall Thickness both fit our wooden bee hive components and are compatible with each other. Our economical 3/4 boxes are the most common size, while the traditional 7/8"" boxes offer a heavier wall thickness.
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