Lyson Bottling Tank 36 gal

  • Item Code: LYHPW7057
  • $999.95

The Lyson 36 gallon water-jacketed honey bottling tank can be used to decrystalize and bottle your crop. The water jacket is heated by a 230 volt 2000 watt replaceable heating element, and is thermostatically controlled by a simple analog temperature knob. The outlet of this tank features a sanitary coupling which can be easily coupled to a honey gate (included), or a variety of other accessories such as a bottling valve, ball valve, barbed fitting, etc. Includes water temperature thermometer and stainless steel cover.

Betterbee recommends insulating the tank walls to reduce heat loss.

Warning: do not pressurize water jacket; fill tank with non pressurized water only. Do not operate heater without ensuring the water jacket is full.

2000 watt, 230 volt heating element
Maximum temperature: about 80 deg. C (176 F)
Dimensions: 34" tall by 21.75" outer diameter. Inside diameter: 19.6"
Construction: 18 gauge brushed acid resistant stainless steel
Honey discharge: sanitary "tri clamp" fitting 1.5" (flange diameter: 2.0")
Capacity: about 440 lb (200 kg) honey or 36 gallons (136 liter)
Shipping: LTL freight only (call for a quote).