Deep Plast Found HvyWax Wht Cs

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Case of 100 Deep Plastic Foundations, White, with Heavy Wax Coating. Extra wax to increase the acceptance of the frames by the bees and entice them to draw the frames out faster! These foundations are triple coated in wax, and the bees love them. Case of 100 deep foundation in white plastic is ideal for hot sunny locations.

Plastic foundation requires less work than crimp-wire. Works with new or old wooden frames with grooved top bars.

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White foundation:

  • Great for honey, the light nature of the plastic displays true color of honey. Also great for brood frames in hot locations, although may be a little harder for some to see eggs against the white background.


How to Install:

Put either the top or bottom edge of the foundation into its groove in the frame, then flex the foundation and pop the other edge into the other groove.


  • Foundation: 16-3/4" long x 8-1/2" high
  • Cell Size: 5.2mm