Lyson 8/9 Frame Hive Kits

We now offer popular Lyson hive kits in an 8/9 frame size. Based on an Australian design, the Lyson 8/9 hive system holds 9 frames in brood boxes and 8 or 9 frames in honey supers. Polystyrene hive construction provides excellent insulation against cold winters and hot summers. These unassembled bee hive kits are light and easy to put together. The interlocking boxes have reinforced top and bottom surfaces, which pry apart easily with a hive tool. Use a piece of cloth or plastic as an inner cover. An 8 frame plastic queen excluder fits nicely between the interlocking boxes.

*Substitutions for components of hive kits are welcome! Choose your items and give us a call if you don't see what you'd like online.

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