Solar Wax Melter

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Solar Wax Melter

A solar wax melter is a useful tool when you want a free way to melt down the wax you'll collect during your hive inspections and from in the honey house. Ideal for small scale beekeepers who don't want to invest in a wax melting setup that is stainless steel and expensive, this economical option is easy to assemble, set up and use.

Simply place your cappings and wax collection into the pan and place the glass (not included, purchase at your local hardware store) and let the sun do its job. No electricity is required just the most powerful energy source in the universe, the SUN!

Using cheap aluminum loaf pans from your local grocer, you can get relatively substantial amounts of wax into block form with this tool. Requires a single pane of glass or plastic (not included, check your local hardware store). Constructed of Eastern Pine. Unassembled and unfinished. A simple coat of exterior latex paint on the outside will ensure years of long term use. Ships in its own box.

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