Child's Square Tie-Down Veil

  • SKU: SV2
  • $15.95
Child's Square Tie-Down Veil

Now your little buddies can join you for all the fun in the apiary! This is the child-size version of our most popular veil, one thats simplicity and functionality has withstood the test of time--and trial--in apiaries across the country. Square refers to the square piece of black mesh that protects the face and head from friendly passings of your apiary residents. This tie-down veil includes two long, durable polyester strings that, in combination with the front rings, allow you to pull the white neck mesh down low on the chest. This keeps visitors from finding an alternative route to the more sensitive area of the face and head.

This veil does not come with a helmet, allows for interchangeability when your helmet is worn and tired. Helmets come in two styles, plastic and ventilated, and are purchased separately.

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