Premium Soap Stamps

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Premium Soap Stamps

These soap stamps give you a way to create a fancy look to either cold-processed or melt-and-pour soaps. They will definitely help your soap stand out from the competition. They are easy to use and instructions are included.

  • Bee Stamp: Personalize your soap with an artfully designed bee stamp<
  • b>Old Sol Stamp: This time-honored, universal sun image will distinguish your hand-crafted bars of soap Thistle Stamp: This thistle, familiar to all in our fields and as the national emblem of Scotland, is a delicate expression of the care you put into your soap making.
  • Hand Made Stamp: Imprint “says it all” about the care you bring to your soap crafting.
  • Goat Milk Stamp: Indicates, by imprinted design, the quality Ingredients of your carefully crafted soaps.
  • Goat Head Stamp: Winsome imprint bespeaks the quality of the ingredients you use in your handmade soap

    Follow these suggestions for successful soap stamping:

    1. To create the impression, center the image end of the stamp on the soap, then tap lightly with a hammer 2 to 3 times. A standard hammer works, however, a wooden or rubber mallet is gentler on the wood. Practice on a bit of scrap soap to get comfortable with this process.

    2. A flat surface allows for a more even and consistant image. You do not need to stamp too deeply; about 1/8 inch is perfect. The deeper you go with the impression, the more soap is displaced, which can start to warp the outer edges. Smaller bars of soap can be stamped to a lesser depth to avoid any warping or breakage.

    3. Depending upon your formulation, the soap may be ready for stamping as soon as it has been unmolded. Softer and or superfatted soaps could require a few days of aging. Your soap shouldn't stick to the stamp. If it does, your soap needs to harden a bit.

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