There are many options of frames and foundations to choose from. Which is the best, will depend on who you ask. The two most popular are the crimp-wired foundation with wooden frames and the one-piece Pierco frames with foundation. The crimp-wired foundation is wax foundation with wire that is embedded within it. This type of foundation is inserted into a wedge/split wooden frame. This simply means the top of the frame has a piece of wood that wedges the foundation by pinching it against another piece of wood. The bottom of the frame is two pieces, between which the foundation rests. If this type of foundation is used for extracting it is recommended that it be reinforced with bee wire crisscrossing the frame, or support pins along then end bars.

The one-piece Pierco frames are plastic frames which have the honey comb pattern embossed into it. Unwaxed frames are available, however, we only stock waxed frames. We have found that bees will more readily work the plastic frames which are waxed coated. These frames are very durable and when necessary the frame can be scraped and cleaned. Some suppliers sell plastic frames that are foreign made. Pierco frames are American made with food approved plastic and coated with American wax.