Cupularve No Graft Queen Kit

  • $84.75
Cupularve No Graft Queen Kit

New queens are an important investment, so it doesn’t take long to see why a Queen Rearing Kit makes sense. Now you can raise as many queens as you want - all with no grafting. Plus, you are always sure of the age of the eggs that you want the bees to make into queens. Remember Queens are Eggs for 3 days, larvae for 5 1/2 Days and Pupa for 7 1/2 Days for a maximum total development of 16 days.

Timing is everything with queen rearing, regardless of whether or not you graft or use a no-graft system. Our Queen Rearing Kit comes unassembled with a Comb Box, 110 Cell Cups, 2 Bars with 20 Cell Bar Fixtures, 20 Cup Holders, and 20 Hatching Cages. Includes complete instructions. Some assembly required.

If you want to learn more about the how-tos of queen rearing we recommend Successful Queen Rearing by Spivak and Reuter or Contemporary Queen Rearing, a classic book about the concepts and processes of queen rearing by Laidlaw.

Hint 1: If you are incapable of performing a graft, you will find this item a real godsend. The beekeeper who only occasionally grafts is much better off with this system.

Hint 2: A glue gun works very well for Cup Holder installation.

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