5lb Jug with Handle

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5lb Jug with Handle

Fills easily, pours well, and shows off your honey in a functional container. We believe it will challenge the 5 lb. glass container at farm stands and stores everywhere. The Advantages:
1. Unbreakable – safer than glass.
2. Easy to Use – The smaller 53 mm. cap controls the flow much better than the 100 mm. cap on the old 5 lb. jar.
3. Lighter appearance - Because of the narrow neck, more light passes through honey, making honey look as luminous as the day you
harvested it.
4. Less expensive than glass.

Betterbee Volume and Honey Weight Measurements for 5lb Jug (RPBJ2):

Tare Weight: 90.26 grams with C89 cap.
Volume under Bead: 1612 ml
Volume to Top of Bead: 1620 ml
Overflow Capacity: 1639 ml
Weight of Honey to Top of Bead: 5.07 lb. (81.15 oz.)

Please note:
  • The weight of each container and lid may vary within lots and between lots. Honey density may also vary.
  • In order for the container to appear “full” you may need to put more honey than the advertised capacity into the container.
  • Where appearance is an issue, you may want to price for the additional honey used. Where accuracy is an issue, please rely on a scale and not the bead of the container.

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