5lb Round Plastic: Case of 6

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5lb Round Plastic: Case of 6

Made out of PET plastic, these 5 lb. jars are the perfect container for a large batch of creamed honey, bee pollen or plain old honey. This container is easy to fill, easy to pour from, and looks great with custom printed or jar top labels. These bottles are available with or without the 110mm white lid. It's the perfect way to show off all your hard work in the field!

Betterbee Volume and Honey Weight Measurements for 5lb Round (RPB5):
Tare Weight: 123.38 grams with C53 cap.
Volume under Bead: 1638 ml
Volume to Top of Bead: 1659 ml
Overflow Capacity: 1782 ml
Weight of Honey to Top of Bead: 5.22 lb. (83.5 oz.)

Note: The weight of each container and lid may vary within and between lots. Honey density will also vary between harvests. You may need to put more honey than the advertised capacity into the container depending on your batch.

Caution: Do not wash any plastic container in the dishwasher.

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