Fumagilin-B & Hive Top Feeder

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Fumagilin-B & Hive Top Feeder

This combo includes a 24 gram bottle of Fumagilin-B and a BeeMax® Hive Top Feeder for 10 Frame Wooden Hives, 8 Frame Wooden Hives, or Beemax® Hives.

Fumagilin-B minimizes the effects of Nosema Disease, a stress related disease of honeybees similar to dysentery. Feeding it can increase honey yields up to 50% and can make a big difference in the hive's ability to make it through stressful northern winters. Because it is the most expensive of medicines for bees, it is the one most neglected by beekeepers. Neglecting treatment with Fumagilin-B is a serious mistake. Over and over again researchers have found that feeding Fumagilin-B to minimize stress in honeybees will pay for itself in increased production. This is particularly true nowadays when the bees are under such stress from mites.

24 gram bottle will medicate 6 gallons of sugar syrup or 4-5 hives.

Store in cool place away from sunlight.

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