Betterbee Hogg Comb Honey

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  • $14.00
Available in-store only.
Betterbee Hogg Comb Honey : Not Shippable

Pure & Raw Comb Honey. This elegant comb honey produced with the Hogg Halfcomb system is ready to eat or makes the perfect gift. Each section weights between 10 and 12 oz.

Comb honey production requires a high degree of skill of the beekeeper and the right conditions for the bees. Those conditions do not always exist, so comb honey tends to go out of stock quickly.

Due to its fragile nature, Betterbee does not ship Comb Honey. We recommend picking your order up at Betterbee or purchasing from a local producer to ensure the best condition of the product. Store the product horizontally to reduce the chance of honey leaks.

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