Overwintered Nucleus Hives

The use of overwintered nucs is an excellent method for Northern beekeepers to minimize their dependence on package  bees. These allow the beekeeper to prepare nucs during the summer to overwinter and provide nucs for sale or use the following spring.  In the North we do not have warm weather for queen production in the early spring.  We do have extended summer honey flows which allow queen production and nuc preparation over an extended period.  Queens produced during the honeyflow are generally very good queens.

Advantages of overwintered nucs are many:

-       Availability in early spring of locally adapted queens and nucs for the northern beekeeper

-       Less concern about importation of Africanized bees and other pests not found in our local area.

-       Overwintered nucs and their queens are “proven” in that they  have already survived a northern winter

-       The beekeeper has resources in reserve to expand or replace winter losses

-       Nucs draw out frames beautifully. 




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