Terramycin Patty (pre-made)

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Terramycin Patty (pre-made)

Terramycin is used as a preventative measure against American Foulbrood (AFB), the most destructive and widespread of honeybee brood ailments. The disease affects larvae within their first three days of life. Infected larvae die within their cells, and during the process of cleaning out the infected cells, the deadly spores are spread through the colony, infecting other larvae. Foulbrood infected colonies must be destroyed according to your local and state regulations and free testing can be done to determine the infection level and verify its presence in a colony.

These pre-mixed patties contain vegetable shortening and terramycin, providing a continuous supply of medication over several weeks. Oxytetracycline is the active ingredient in the Terramycin patty and its main use is to aid in the prevention of American Foulbrood. The only appropriate use is to prevent hives from becoming infected. If one knows there is AFB in the vicinity antibiotics may prevent your hives from becoming infected as your bees rob hives weakened or killed by foulbrood. Since the bacteria forms spores which are unaffected by antibiotics, treatment will not cure hives that are infected. It will mask signs of the disease, but symptoms will recur after treatment is stopped.

Directions: Place patty on top of brood chamber in Spring at least 45 days before honey flow or in Fall after honey supers are removed.

Note: While oxytetracycline is approved for the prevention of ABF and there are other drugs labeled for prevention or treatment, antibiotics are not always best for this disease. Burning the hives destroys the spores and prevents spread. The FDA has also tightened laws on feeding antibiotics to animals so that a veterinary prescription or feed directive will be required to obtain oxytetracycline after January 1, 2017.

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