Terramycin Patty (pre-made)

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Terramycin Patty (pre-made)

Pre-mixed vegetable shortening and terramycin. Gives a continuous supply of terramycin over several weeks.

Terramycin is used as a preventative measure against American Foulbrood (AFB), the most destructive and widespread of honeybee brood ailments. AFB is caused by the bacterium Paenibacillus larvae ssp. larvae. The disease affects larvae within their first three or so days of life. They become infected by ingesting infected spores that are present within their food. The infected larvae then die within their cells, and during the process of cleaning out the infected cells, the deadly spores are spread through the colony and proceed to infect other larvae, therefore weakening the colony. Foulbrood infected colonies must be destroyed according to your local and state regulations and free testing can be done to determine the infection level and verify its presence in a colony.

How to use: Squash the patties down on top of the top bars of the Brood Chamber which contains the majority of the bees. Feed one patty per colony once in the fall or the spring. The 1 lb. patty consists of pre-mixed and terramycin and gives a continuous supply of terramycin over several weeks.

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