Entrance Shim for BeeMax® Nuc

  • Item Code: SHIM2
  • $2.80
Entrance Shim for BeeMax® Nuc

Add to the ruggedness of our BeeMax® Nuc Boxes with this wooden shim. The shim is placed against the entrance of the Nuc Box. You must install a shim between the BeeMax nuc box end and the Betterbee Hive Portal for added stability. We offer the economic and rugged piece of wood to ensure that the hive portal and nuc box are flush together and there is no gap between the two parts of the nuc box.

*If you're looking for handy device for top feeding pollen substitute or applying medication to the nuc box, try our SHIM5, now specially designed just for our BeeMax® Nuc Boxes!

BeeMax Nuc® Box and Hive Portal Sold Separately.

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