1lb Moth Crystals

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1lb Moth Crystals

For Controlling Wax Moths

Active Ingredient: Paradichlorobenzene

Moth Crystals help prevent the infestation of wax moths in supers that are stored for the winter. Wax moths, or rather the larvae of the wax moth can be a major problem in weak hives or supers stored for the winter. The larvae burrow through the comb and leave behind a trail of excrement. Use moth crystals on your stored equipment to prevent these pests from making a mess.

Directions: Stack supers and place two tablespoons of the crystals on card or newspaper on top, then cover. The vapors (which are heavier than air) will sink into the supers. Make sure to allow supers several days to air out before placing them back on an active colony.

Hint: Freezing combs or just allowing them to have free airflow and light may decrease wax moths without chemicals.

Use on stored supers only, not on full honeycombs or in live colonies.

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