96 Gram Bottle of Fumagilin-B

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96 Gram Bottle of Fumagilin-B

Nosema is a disease caused by a single cell parasite. Historically, there was one type (Nosema apis) that caused diarrhea in bees that were under stress, typically after long winter confinement with no cleansing flights. Treatment and prevention involved feeding of Fumagilin B in the Spring and Fall. Now another type (Nosema ceranae) appears to be involved in the deaths of some honeybee colonies. Unlike Nosema apis, this new type does not cause diarrhea. Diagnosis requires microscopic examination to determine Nosema spore counts. It is unclear whether treatment of colonies with Fumagilin B is effective in controlling Nosema ceranae. Spore counts change drastically during the year regardless of treatment.

Directions: Mix 96 g. bottle with 21 gallons of sugar syrup. For Spring feeding, feed 45 days prior to honey flow. For Fall Feeding, feed after honey supers have been removed. This mixture will treat 20 hives in the Spring or 10 hives in the Fall.

Note: Yellow spots in the snow on warm early Springs days are often caused by normal cleansing flights and do not indicate a Nosema infection.

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