Bee Skep: Comb Honey Label

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Bee Skep: Comb Honey Label

This brilliantly colored comb honey label really sells your comb honey as the health food that it is. The label features a large blank space that leaves plenty of room for all the information you need, including your contact information and weight.

Personalization: Fill in all personalization lines above. There is a $9.50 custom print charge for each roll of labels, which is included in the price above. For each additional roll the custom print charge is $5.50, however the label must be the the same size, style AND have the same information. (We do allow you to change the weight information for additional rolls.) Custom printing fees and label costs are included in the label price above. As follows:

  • 1 roll=$14.95+Customization Fee ($9.50) =$24.45
  • 2 rolls=$29.90+Customization Fee ($9.50+$5.50)=$44.90/2=$22.45/roll
  • 3 rolls=$44.85+Customization Fee ($9.50+$5.50+$5.50)=$65.35/3=$21.78/roll
  • 4 rolls=$35.80+Customization Fee ($9.50+$5.50+$5.50+$5.50)=$61.80/4=$15.45/roll

    250 labels per roll


  • 3 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" tall
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