Skin Cream Label: 2oz

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Skin Cream Label: 2oz

Want to add a professional touch to your skin cream jars? These 1-5/8" labels are sure to do the trick. They come with WITHOUT INGREDIENTS printed on the label. 100 labels per roll. Add up to 3 lines of custom information above. You can also add a weight if desired.

To customize, please fill in the personalization lines above. There is a $9.50 custom print charge for each roll of labels, which is included in the price above. For each additional roll the custom print charge is $5.50, however the label must be the the same size, style AND have the same information. Custom printing fees and label costs are included in the label price above. As follows:

1 roll=$6.15 +Customization Fee ($9.50)=$15.65
2 rolls=$12.30+Customization Fee ($9.50+$5.50)=$27.30/2=$13.65/roll
3 rolls=$18.45+Customization Fee ($9.50+$5.50+$5.50)=$38.95/3=$12.98/roll
4 rolls=$24.60+Customization Fee ($9.50+$5.50+$5.50+$5.50)=$50.60/4=$12.65/roll

Each label will fit perfectly on our 2 oz Skin Cream Jar.

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