Lucky 7 Premium Coveralls

  • $25.65
  • List Price: $60.35


Lucky 7 Premium Coveralls

Originally priced at $60.35! These Coveralls feature an amazing 7 pockets - enough to carry everything you might need out in the beeyard. They even have a special hive tool pocket and a open flap so you can access your pants pocket as necessary.

Sizes: 34 thru 60, men's sizing (even sizes only). Long suits are available in sizes 40-56 and are denoted with an "L" after the chest size.

Hint: We recommend ordering 2 sizes larger than your sport jacket size or measuring around your chest (under your arms) and adding 4 inches.

Note 1: These coveralls DO NOT feature an attached veil.

Note 2: This suit has standard open cuffs. If you feel more comfortable with a tight fit around your ankles all our boot bandss.

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