Misco BKPR-1 Refractometer

  • Item Code: REFT3
  • $367.25
Misco BKPR-1 Refractometer

Not all refractometers are created equal. When precision is key, this digital refractometer can’t be beat. This refractometer is designed for anyone who requires the absolute most accurate, repeatable readings of honey moisture content from 13%-30% regardless of ambient temperatures. The two button interface is very easy to use and calibration is automatic. Simply place a drop or two of fluid using the plastic eye dropper and press the Go button. In less than a minute you will have an accurate moisture reading of your honey! Looking to protect your investment? We offer several protective case options for this unit.

Hint: To prevent fermentation, honey must have a water content of less than 17% (safe regardless of yeast count).

Note: Refractometers work on liquids only, so crystalized or creamed honey much be completely decrystalized to get an accurate reading of its moisture content.

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