Maxant Wax Processing Tank

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Maxant Wax Processing Tank

Made in the USA, this Stainless Steel Processing Tank is very versatile. Use it as a wax cleaning and filtering tank or a honey liquifying tank since it will accommodate a 60 lb. pail submersed. The single wall stainless steel tank has an exposed heating element with stainless guard in the bottom that is immersed in water. Simply place your cappings in the tank with some water, bring to a low boil and let settle. Pure wax can be poured off the tank into bricks for future processing.

Hint: Clean and filter wax from cappings or old comb by mixing them with water and bringing to a boil. The water and dirt fall to the bottom leaving the cleaned, liquid wax which can then be strained. Cleans about 100 lbs. in one batch in about 6 hours.

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